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"Tilman Koschnick designed our Debian/GNU Linux based HPC cluster and is also in charge of the system administration and system maintenance, a working relationship which started in 2004. We are very pleased to have Tilman Koschnick in our HPC cluster computing team. His innovations in system design and experience in system administration have led to a very productive HPC cluster facility. It is used daily to calculate credit portfolio risk figures for all of our commercial and corporate lending. The numbers we produce with our proprietary credit portfolio simulation engine running on our cluster are the basis for the economic capital management of the bank, and as such key steering information for the top management.

The cluster design from Tilman Koschnick allows us to partition the overall cluster into several virtual subclusters for different segments, for example development, testing or production. The size of every segment can be adjusted to the required computation capacity. Moreover, the different segments are fully separated, such that data security safeguards can be implemented, a core requirement in the financial industry."

Dr. D. Egloff
Head of Financial Computing
Zurich Cantonal Bank
photograph of computer parts


Tilman Koschnick will be presenting a talk at ISC'08. More information can be found here Cluster & Security: Separating User Environments.